{Tavern Tuesday Ten Thousand Membership}

A huge welcome to the first 26 members of the Tavern Tuesday Ten Thousand Club:

  • Frank & Raylee Flynn x 4

  • Josephine Jakobi

  • Phil Evans

  • Yvonne Renfree

  • Caroline Crunden

  • Molly Bannister

  • Phil Horner

  • Sandra McPhee

  • Carole Rigler

  • Rob Ward & Liz Ward x 2

  • Jill Hermans

  • Mary Connor

  • Sally Allen

  • Bill Payne x 3

  • Jochen Kruse

  • Susan O’Brien

  • Chris Cooke

  • Sue Fraser

  • John Burgess

  • Andrew and Glenda Spiker

Already these contributors have made an impact on the cash flow for the final stages of the build of the FLOAT vessel.  We have achieved build finish, have had a trial safety management induction for four key personnel on the vessel, are very very close to having the vessel moved to it’s 2019 location at Marlene’s Point AND Josie Jakobi is very nearly on board to be the first 6 week Artist in Resident just in time for Christmas.

Safe to say we could not have done this without many volunteer hours from many people and now we can be proud to say that the TAVERN TUESDAY mob is getting behind the FLOAT VESSEL by putting a small $100 each towards this community adventure.

Thank you everyone who has joined TTTT to date … it is a great way to show your support and appreciation for all that FLOAT has given us over the last two years.